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 Reamonn - Eleven (Best of Ltd. Edt.) (2010)

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MensajeTema: Reamonn - Eleven (Best of Ltd. Edt.) (2010)   Reamonn - Eleven (Best of Ltd. Edt.) (2010) Icon_minitimeMiér Sep 01, 2010 3:43 pm

Reamonn - Eleven (Best of Ltd. Edt.) (2010) 1488693
Reamonn - Eleven (Best of Ltd. Edt.) (2010)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps / MP3 CBR 190 kbps | 2 CDs | 215.9 MB / 130.7 MB
Genre: Rock

“ "So we are. They are 11 Years Reamonn "point, End quote.
Rea Garvey is anything but a sober pragmatist, when it comes to his music. But on the – sir – not entirely original question "why now a best-of" there is no answer, Should that it better. „Das“, about this 20 Songs „sind Reamonn“. One of the largest English Bands, that has ever brought out of Germany to a top international career. A career, in a "Best Of", if we see this award as a predicate, was long overdue. For Reamonn not trying to be a band. Reamonn are a soundtrack to the lives of many, many people. 11 good years. Reamonn have accompanied us in them.

“Pause! How long? We'll see…“
No commercial considerations sting argument, a sign put up in the career, the one full of pride back, but also can look to the future tense: a summary, one looking back, a journey through the past 11 Years Reamonn, by different sound- and songwriting changes. It also does not surprise, Reamonn usher at this point that her career took a break and this held to keep, to reorder, durchzuatmen. How long? Let's see…

"We have changed, therefore "in the" normal "and a deluxe version published album (inc. Video Footage) is actually a documentation of Hits, for which we had tried earlier times the word Evergreen. Would it not so terribly old fashioned sound. But old-fashioned, the others are: Artists such as, The, the only way at the edge, published after just three or four chart success a smorgasbord of their greatest successes and it already sounds like yesterday. Reamonn contrast: timeless, charakterstark, songorientiert. And yet never the same. "We wanted to set a benchmark", sagt Garvey. "Therefore, a Best Of for Reamonn now makes perfect sense. Why? Because we have changed!“
“It’s the song, not the singer“

Who can take on this trip, the melancholy light late nineties-now- Classic "Super Girl" on the 2009 hit "Aeroplane" – one of these little masterpieces of Reamonn reduction to the three new previously unreleased synth-charged song "Yesterday", "Colder" and "Let The Morning Sleep" - the sense that in every note. And one feels and hears, also torn from the classic album contexts, were composed with the dedication these songs. The creative core of the artistic work is still the A Garvey&O a good song: "When I write a good text, I freak out!“, says the veteran not played with enthusiasm. It’s the song, not the singer? "Yes, ready. What's better than a well-told story, a perfectly arranged song!"The song that is. And that was not big here remastered, newly added or changed: "What we should aim to, if we change the songs?“, so Garvey. "I could see no reason, a new track record - that would be, that it was wrong then. This in turn means, at that time I gave my best. And I ask of me. "

"So easy, so real "
Of course this is not a pure audio-Best-Of. We also see all video clips, Concert footage and backstage material, which has been painstakingly collected and viewed by the band.
For Garvey sometimes a sentimental journey into the past: "How could we forget all these moments! At the time of "Tuesday" we had some still on as fans Festivals, we have played the following year as headliners ", Garvey told with still childishly enthusiastic voice. "And the year before we could afford not even the hotel!"It is the pride of the child in the man, here the honest path breaks. Since it is not surprising, was the favorite song among all those favorite songs for Garvey, "The Eyes of a Child" is, from a very, selbstbetitelten Album: "I love the idea, to think from the perspective of a child. Children always see the most obvious, as straightforward, and so true. " ”

Track list:
Disk: 1
1. Yesterday
2. Colder
3. Let The Morning Sleep
4. Through The Eyes Of A Child
5. Million Miles
6. Moments Like This
7. Aeroplane
8. Open Skies
9. Promise (You And Me)
10. Tonight
11. Serpentine

Disk: 2
1. The Only Ones
2. Star
3. Alright
4. Strong
5. Angels Fly
6. Weep
7. Life Is A Dream
8. Supergirl
9. Josephine
10. Waiting There For You
11. Swim

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Reamonn - Eleven (Best of Ltd. Edt.) (2010)
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